Kristin Gentry (2019)
Secretary & Treasurer
​8528 S 98th Circle
Hollie Rosser (Chair)

Welcome Committee

Board of Directors

Renee Hennings (Chair), Hollie Rosser, Dave Roser
The initial Directors of the Board were held by the subdivision developers until September 2004. At that time they resigned and appointed an interim Board of Directors of Val Verde homeowners, charged with setting up the first annual elections.  In 2005, the first election for the Board of Directors consisting of Val Verde homeowners occurred. 
The Val Verde HOA members annually elect one resident to the corporations board of directors each year for a three year term, terms are staggered to allow continuity.  The directors also serve as the officers of the corporation.

Covenant Committee

Newsletter Committee


Be part of the Landscape Committee by helping the Board make decisions about landscape design, use of vegetation, and keep our common spaces looking great.


Events Committee

Landscape Committee

Bring events to the neighborhood with the Events Committee. Check out the Information and Events page for more information.

Become Involved in Your Neighborhood!

Board of Directors

Matt Shaw (2021)
​Vice President
9824 Val Verde Drive

​Provide valuable information to your neighbors as a Newsletter Editor. Design and provide content that benefits your neighbors. 

Neighborhood Watch

Help the Welcoming Committee to identify new neighbors, welcome them to the neighborhood, and answer important questions.

Renee Hennings (2020)
​8517 S. 99th Circle

Assess neighbor complaints and resolve covenant violations as part of the Covenant Committee. Help make vital decisions necessary to preserve your property values and maintain your neighborhood beauty.

Take part in the Neighborhood Watch program to help keep our neighbors safe and report suspicious activity to the LaVista police.