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Monument Sign update - See the page and vote on Nextdoor.

Planning on selling your home?  Remember to tell your real estate agent about the yearly assessment so you can be reimbursed by the new owners.  Real estate agents and title companies can contact Brittany Kuch, at Lengemann & Associates, PC for more information concerning yearly assessments.

Nextdoor is the private social network for your neighborhood. Register here. Once you're a member of Nextdoor, you'll be able to access the Val Verde neighborhood and keep in touch with other residents in the subdivision. It's fun, useful and FREE! 

Just moved into Val Verde? Need to know more about the subdivision? We'd be happy to visit with you and help you get acquainted with your neighbors!  Go to the Contact page to get in touch with us today! 

Poor relations between neighbors can be stressful on many.  Neighbor relations are a very important component of living within a subdivision.  It is important to think of how your property use will affect your neighbors and the way your neighbors will perceive you.  Everyone benefits from “good neighborly” behavior. lists some neighbor relations Do’s and Don’ts everyone should be aware of (link below).  If you have concerns about your neighbors, The Val Verde HOA Board of Directors open and honest communication between parties will help solve most issues.

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We love pets in Val Verde. Please help to keep it that way. 

  • Keep your pet on a leash and controlled at all times.
  • When walking your pets, bring bags to collect any solid waste left by your pet.
  • Control pet barking and intimidating gestures at all times.
  • Contact LaVista Police to report violations.

The Val Verde HOA offers events throughout the year depending on member involvement. Some of the past events were: 

  • Easter Egg hunt
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale
  • Flamingo Parties

If you have suggestions for events or know of community events we should support please contact a board member to discuss your ideas soon! 

in order to make events a success, the HOA needs your help! 

If you'd like to volunteer to organize an event in Val Verde, Contact us!